Anthropoid is a virtual human site, where you can adopt humans that may be furries or anthros, or just plain human, You can buy miniature pets for them to own, All humans, anthros, humanoids and furries on here start out as a 'baby orphan' and we have a pound system where you can adopt a couple of pets an hour called 'Foster Care' but you can only adopt two an hour. This is in beta-testing mode and is family friendly with everyone, It is best you follow our guidelines when going to play our game, We hope you have a nice stay here, This simulator game was created by Oakhearted. If you got questions, go to FAQ aka Help Center!

What To Do Next

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This is the terms of use for this website/game, Please read everything written down below, to prevent you from getting banned or in trouble.
1. Do not swear and curse, This is a family friendly game for everyone, Instead of bad words, please say words such as: fudge, darn, bugger, crud, stuff, for god's sake, goodness me, tarnation, dog, doggin' me, just anything slang like that isnt swear word like.
2. You are only allowed one account; because it creates spam in the members list and it is considered somewhat cheating. You do not need another account other than the one you got at the moment so far, However, you can make accounts for family members, relatives and friends, but you must state this on your profile and/or tell staff that this is what you are doing, so we don't get confused into thinking you're not abiding by our rule.
3. Do not bully or harass other users, it's just plain out rude and will not be tolerated.
4. Do not be biast to new users, we've all been there; at the newbie stage, so why be rude for?
5. Do not advertise stuff that is not family friendly, If you have questions with advertising, ask staff if you can advertise whatever you are wanting to advertise to users.
6. We don't allow certain personal information, read below for more.
You are allowed to:
- say your name / full name
- say your email address or social media profiles
- show and reveal your face.
- say what nationality, language you speak and race you are
- say what country, state and/or city you live in.
- link users to social media profiles if are family-friendly.
You are not allowed to:
- say your home phone or mobile number
- say your ip address
- say your suburb, post code, and full street address
- your credit card information (unless you are paying for someone to do art for you; do not say this info in public on here though!)
- your passwords to any account outside of anthropoid and password to anthropoid account.
- say your wifi details.
- do not ask anyone for this type of personal information either, otherwise you will get a warning/strike.
7. Please do not do offsite trading / cross trading with games that do not support and allow this type of trading, you could get into trouble on those games, Animal Jam being one of them games.
8. If you are going to show mature content / artworks, please do warn us by saying "warning: mature content ahead!" or something like that in your title or wording.
9. Please do not ask people to pay you real-life currency for anthropoid currency, Anthropoid is to not have anything involved with real life currency, only with a user buying currencies from the official anthropoid people ( aka us )
10. Do not force anybody to reveal personal information of themselves if they do not want to.
11. It is prefered that you try to be as active as you can on Anthropoid; unless for reasons, that you should state on your profile before going on some sort of short break leave or hiatus.
12. Do not imposter or pretend to be anybody on here. It's stealing identity.
That's all our rules for now, please do abide by them, to prevent consequences and stuff like that. If you have a problem with any of the rule (s) please email Oakhearted about it, his email address will be in the contact section of this website. Thank you for reading!